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Providing insurance coverages for the International Community




American Dimensions now provides quotes for a very wide variety of travel coverage to protect you and your assets when enjoying your time away from home, be it either work or pleasure travel.


Many of the coverages shown on American Dimensions are travel and/or international types of insurance which are difficult to understand and sometimes hard to find. We have attempted to clarify these coverages and who qualifies for each.


Most people do not realize their medical (health) insurance does not follow them when they leave their home country, or if it does, on a very limited basis. Getting sick or injured in a foreign country can be very challenging and more expensive than you probably can imagine. Your business or leisure trip is already costing quite a bit, why not add just a small amount more and provide the additional security of travel insurance to ease your mind and wallet.


Just as an additional note, many countries are now requiring visitors to provide proof of medical insurance before allowing them entry.


Travel Medical Insurance

Trip Insurance

Student Travel Medical Insurance

Missionary Medical Insurance

Worldwide Medical Insurance




Leaving your home country for a short visit or an extended period of time? American Dimensions now has coverages to meet your needs. You will find insurance to cover you and your family members if you are an H1 Worker in the USA, an immigrant to the USA, a student studying in a country other than your home country, visiting the US (where getting sick or injured can be very expensive) or just traveling for business or leisure outside your home country.


US citizens living abroad have a variety of plans available to them at American Dimensions. Whether you are going to live abroad for a short time or an extended period, we have the plan for you.


Travel Medical Insurance

Visitors Insurance - Scheduled Benefit Programs

H1 Workers Insurance

H1 Workers Family Insurance

Immigrants to the United States

Worldwide Medical Insurance




Passports & Visas: Make sure your passport is still valid or apply for a new one long before you plan to travel. Make sure you have the right travel documents and visas for your destinations.


Your Destinations: Make an effort to learn about the locations you plan to visit, their culture, and any problems that might be occurring there.


The Bureau of Consular Affairs constantly updates its published and on-line information to reflect developing situations in each country.


For example many exciting and exotic destinations may have very conservative views about women. Being a foreigner makes anyone stand out; a woman traveling alone can be even more of an oddity in some places.


What to Leave Behind: Leave a detailed itinerary and a copy of your passport's identification page with a friend or relative at home. Include names, addresses and telephone numbers where you will be staying. Leave a copy of your flight and ticket information with them as well.


You may wish to establish certain check-in dates when you will either call, e-mail, fax, etc. to let someone know that you are all right. But remember that if you happen to miss a check-in, your loved ones may assume that you are having a problem or are in trouble.


Leave any valuables, extra credit cards and jewelry at home. Thieves often won't know the real from the fake until after they take it, so why risk your personal safety?


Health: Make sure you have adequate health insurance coverage while abroad and that your coverage includes medical evacuations. Your policy might not cover you overseas and you may need to purchase traveler's insurance.

If you have any condition that might develop complications, especially if you are pregnant, check with your doctor before you go abroad. If you experience complications, a medical evacuation might still take several precious hours to arrange.


If you take prescription medication, make sure you have enough to last the duration of the trip, including extra medication in case you are delayed. Always carry your prescriptions in their labeled containers as many countries have strict narcotic trafficking laws and might be suspicious of pills in unlabeled bottles. Bring your prescription information and the names of their generic equivalents with you just in case.



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